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Dangers of Actos

Posted on Aug 17, 2015 by in Prescription Drugs | 0 comments

People suffering from Type 2 diabetes are often left to look for different options to help this potentially dangerous disease. A way people can help regulate their insulin and blood sugar levels is taking a prescribed medication. One of the medications that hit the market to help individuals with Type 2 diabetes is Actos. Many people turned to this as a safer option than other diabetes medications, but this was hardly the case. Actos has been linked to the development of bladder cancer in individuals who took it.

Unfortunately, those who suffer from type 2 diabetes can find themselves suffering from an often more serious disease after taking Actos for any length of time. According to the website of Williams Kherkher, bladder cancer is associated with difficulty urinating, recurring tumors, and the cancer even spreading to nearby organs. Even more terrifying, approximately 50% of those who treat their bladder cancer in the early stages find themselves in remission making this type of cancer particularly dangerous. When Actos was first released, patients had no clue about this terrifying risk associated with the medication leading to many developing bladder cancer. If you have taken Actos in the past and have experienced symptoms such as blood in the urine, painful urinating, or abdominal pain, it is important to be tested for bladder cancer as soon as possible.

The treatment for bladder cancer is serious and can leave individuals not only with serious emotional trauma, but with tremendous financial burdens. This makes it necessary for an individual to receive compensation in their time of need. When people develop this disease from taking Actos, intending to help their type 2 diabetes, it can be particularly shocking. Bladder cancer is a devastating disease that can change a victim’s life forever.

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