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Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination

Posted on Aug 19, 2015 by in Discrimination | 0 comments

Despite major advances in women’s rights, many can still find themselves suffering from harassment and discrimination at work. Women still struggle to be treated fairly in the workplace even in modern times, causing emotional trauma and even financial burdens if their gender leads to them being fired.

Women are often the subject of workplace sexual harassment, ranging from sexually charged comments to individuals blatantly asking for sexual favors. New York City sexual harassment lawyers would likely point out that there are two specific kinds of sexual harassment that individuals can become victims of. The first kind is known as Quid Pro Quo and is sexual harassment that can threaten a person’s success at work if they do not provide sexual favors. This can include a women being denied a promotion or raise from a higher individual in the company because they did not perform a sexual behavior at their request. The other kind of sexual harassment is the kind that leads to a hostile work environment, whether it be from inappropriate comments or gestures. Both of these kinds of sexual harassment can lead to decreased work performance and financial stress, being seen in high numbers against women.

Women can also suffer from gender discrimination in the workplace. Another type of workplace discrimination, gender discrimination, can manifest in many ways, including denying women jobs or promotions based on their sex. Along with sexual harassment, discrimination can cause serious job performance issues and lead to difficulty advancing in their career. Even more serious, sexual harassment and discrimination can lead to intense emotional trauma for the women involved. Workplaces have a duty to treat their employees fairly and respectively, despite their gender and are responsible to an individual when they violate this.

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