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What You Need To Know About Truck No-Zone Spots

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 by in Truck Accidents | 0 comments

In most instances, accidents involving trucks and other small vehicles will be devastating resulting to injuries or worst deaths. One of the most common causes of crashes and accidents with these huge vehicles is the failure to recognize the truck’s “no zone” spot. Figures revealed by the US Department of Transportation revealed that more than 413,000 car accidents were due to truck blind spots. From this number, there were 160,000 deaths.

According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, truck drivers are trained to recognize their no zone spots. By definition, a no zone spot is an area around the truck that is invisible to the driver. They are also called “No Zone” because they are the area where vehicles are not advised to travel. In this article, we shall delve on truck blind spots so that you can avoid colliding with them.

Side No Zones

Trucks have huge no zone spots on both sides. To avoid accidents, make sure that you can see the drivers face in your rear-view mirror to ensure visibility. This way, the truck driver can easily react whenever they need to switch lane or make a quick maneuver.

Rear No Zones

Trucks also have huge no zones behind them which contributes to truck drivers not being able to see vehicles traveling behind them. So it is best not to stay too close behind them to avoid rear-end collisions.

Front No Zones

Trucks need two times as much time to stop than other passenger vehicles. Cars and other smaller vehicles are advised to avoid passing too closely.

Wide Right Turns

With their enormous size, trucks demand a larger turning radius. For this reason, they need to swing wide to the left to make a successful right turn. So avoid passing on the right because the truck driver will not see you.

Recognizing the truck’s blind spots and avoiding them is a great way to prevent collisions with trucks. Stay at a safe distance so you can easily react in case the truck driver makes a sudden maneuver.

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